NTPRS13 – preconference coaching-for-coaches workshop

Kristin en Michele als docent en coach

Kristin as a teacher and Michele as a coach of the coach

Today was the preconference coaching for coaches workshop. We were with a nice group and had lots of coaches. The coaches will also be coaching during NTPRS, so we were also a bit the guinea pigs for the coaches. But they also had to learn us how to coach. So it had many layers.

Lizette Liebold and Teri Wiechart organised the coaching for coaches session and they both did the introduction and then we quickly split up in homogenous language groups. So I was in the French group with Sabrina (French but living in the US), like Bernard (who was also in our group), Kristin from Canada, Joyce from the Netherlands, like me and our coaches were Michele Kindt and Janet Holzer, both French teachers in the US. There were also a Spanish teachers group, an English one and a Mandarin group.

NTPRS13_coaching_stationsDuring NTPRS the coaching will be organized in a new way and our workshop was a reflection of it.  There will be four possible coaching stations, with four different levels of mastering of TPRS skills and the stations have four different colours:
blue = novice skill A : “preparing for the journey”
orange = novice skill B : “taking the first steps”
green = apprentice skill C : “movin’ on down the road”
pink = expert skill : “overcoming personal roadblocks and detours”

After the introduction and features of coaching, all of the groups practiced four times, and each time it had to do with one of these stations.

Each part consisted of:

  1. demo and explanation of skill in a large group
  2. work in small coaching group with coaches learning how to coach the skill
  3. debrief in large group – tips for coaching it

IMG_0916At the end there were some final thoughts and questions. I think it was a very interesting workshop and I also see that with TPRS we are still developing things to make it more clear and to help teachers to use it with more ease and we’re all searching how to do it, because for a lot of people it’s not so obvious what to do.

Because TPRS is a skill, it needs practice, preferably in a real life situation. Those situations are reflected in the coaching sessions. A very important thing about the coaching is, that the teachers needs to feel  safe! So the mission statement of the NTPRS coaches has to do with that. See the picture on the left.

During our teabreak we registered for NTPRS13 and we received our programm, which will start tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock with an opening session.

After our workshop there were still rows of people who were registering and I saw a young woman and I thougt it could be Charlotte Dincher from Germany and I watched her nametag and yes! it was her! I wrote about her (in Dutch) on the blogpost of April 30 2013 . She started TPRS Germany. It was nice to finally meet after our emails. We talked for a while and we already wrote each other before, that it was a strange thought that our countries are neighbours and that we would meet so far away from them!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Alike! I am so sorry to miss the coaching workshop this year. Enjoy the rest of the week. I look forward to reading your posts.

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