NTPRS13 – Friday the 26th of July – day 5

Today already the last day!!! How sad! Time flew! IMG_1464Went to ‘The brain and reading‘ by Mira Canion. She talked about the book ‘Story Proof ; the science behind the startling power of stories’ by Kendall Haven. It’s only about 200 years ago that we started reading on a large scale. There is no dedicated area of the brain for reading; that’s why we have to teach kids to read.

Kendall proves that our human brains are wired for stories. Storytelling started 100.000 to 300.000 years ago, for archiving information. IMG_1486

What is story? What is the opposite? Is there an opposite? Is there a word for non-story?

Story is how content is organized. It is the most effective delivery vehicle for your content.

Haven says: “Teach all the content this way.”

Summarizing the text (Macon et al, 1991):

  • Somebody
  • Wants
  • But
  • So

IMG_1497The last workshop round I went to Gary DiBianca’s ‘Teaching Advanced Structures‘. It was a very structured workshop, I found. Gary showed us how to get a good personalized statement from your class by using a pre-determined structure.

Context: problems of teenagers/of your students – discussion about something moral. Gary used e.g.

  • I recommended him/her to watch and he talked about a tv-series/ film (would you recommend it to your parents; why ? would you recommend it to me?
  • Before someone is going out with a girl, what should he have done? What should he do the next time? What would you have done?

Here you can find Gary’s PowerPoint about ‘Teaching Advanced Structures’.IMG_1514

Gary, like all presenters stopped exactly in time and that was my last NTPRS workshop for this year…

The last part of our conference was the closing luncheon. Katya Paukova was the keynote speaker of this year and she told us her story of moving with her family from Russia to the US, of becoming a TPRS teacher in a dynasty of hardcore traditional linguists and that the news of her pregnancy seemed even almost a little bit less important because of the stunning experience she had in her first TPRS workshop.


Daniel from China gave us a power workout and he ended with the words: “If you canIMG_1552 dream it, you can achieve it.”

And finally Michael Miller’s traditional slideshow with pictures of the entire week; did we have a good time! And thank you so much Michael, for all the work you did all week and even presenting too! And of course thanks to Lisa Reyes, Carol Sutton, Amanda, Kristen and Thristy and Blaine and Von as our hosts and all of the presenters and coaches and the hospitable hotel!