#TPRS workshop Agen – almost there! Follow on this blog my notes about it

From Tuesday the 6th of August up to and including Saturday the 10th of August there will be – for the first time in France – a longterm TPRS training and coaching workshop. Until now about 20 participants registered, coming from Germany, Spain, the USA, Canada and France; including a few who just registered  because there was a big article in a local newspaper in Agen.


Teri telling to Dr. Krashen about the TPRS workhop in Agen; it’s so difficult to make picturesof TPRS teachers! They never keep ther hands still 😉

Judy Dubois took the initiative to organize this TPRS training and coaching workshop in Agen.  Presenters & coaches wil be Judy Dubois (F), Lynnette St George (USA), Teri Wiechart (USA)  and Alike Last (NL).

Lynnette presented several workshops at NTPRS13, like Upper Level Strategies (with Carmen Andrews). Teri Wiechart was coaching coordinator (together with Lizette Liebold)  and she will be again in Agen.

During the training next week Judy will teach English and Lynnette and I will teach French to real students and we will be observed by the attendees of the training. They will learn how TPRS works, see it ‘working’ with real students, experience how TPRS feels as a student by a few Dutch lessons by me, they’ll practice themselves on each other and on the students and will be coached by all of four of us, with Teri as special coordinator of it all.

The training starts Tuesday the 6th and that day the language classes will be in the afternoon; Wednesay until Friday the language classes will be in the morning and the coaching sessions will be in the afternoon.

We’re all very excited about this workshop in Agen and we hope it will meet the needs of the attendees!

On the picture: During Dr. Krashen’s Q&A – when we were having lunch last Wednesday in Dallas during NTPRS 13 – Teri stood up and told about Judy’s initiative in Agen in France. And exactly at the same moment that someone from the audience reacted to it, the embarrassing thing happened that the alarm of my telephone went off. It was the very loud sound of a rooster and that was very confusing. (I had forgotten I set my alarm; I wanted to be in time in the session immediately after the lunch…)

To be continued next week!