#TPRS Agen workshop will start tomorrow!

Grand Pruneau Show 2013Tomorrow the TPRS workshop organized by Judy Dubois will start! It’s the first time there is a workshop of many days in a row. Since 2008 there are already TPRS workshops in the Netherlands, but they are always one day or e.g. I organize a training series of 4 days, with about 6 to 8 weeks in between, in order that the teachers can practice what they learned in their lessons and then get back for the new training day and learn and practice some new skills.

Today we installed everything we’ll need in the two rooms of the Cultural Centre of Agen, in the middle of the old centre of Agen.

It will probably be to be hottest day of this week, about 35 degrees Celcius and we do not have AC. The coming days it’s supposed to be less warm.

We’re looking forward to the training; it’s an interesting programm! Keep you posted!