#TPRS workshop Agen – Day 1 & Day 2 – 6th & 7th of August 2013

It’s already Wednesday evening. Yesterday evening there was a big thunderstorm with rain in the region and I’m staying at a campingsite, so I did not feel like getting out in the rain and going to the office of the camping, where we can use (free) Wifi.

The workshop started yesterday with a nice group of about 20 persons (organisation included). After a short openingword of Judy everybody presented him/herself briefly and we have participants living in Canada, in France, in Germany, in Spain, in the USA, in the Netherlands and I hope I did not forget any country. There are complete beginners to TPRS and there are intermediate and advanced TPRS teachers.

The programm is very varied and there is a lot of coaching going on.  And yesterday in the afternoon and this morning there were and tomorrow morning and the day after tomorrow there will be English classes and French classes to real students and the attendees of the workshop observe those lessons. The attendees also got the experience of being taught Dutch in order to feel what a beginner feels. Well, for the German speakers Dutch is quite easy, but yesterday during coaching they got and later in the week they’ll get the experience of being a student and learning (of course I mean acquiring) Breton. Judy’s son lives in Bretagne and he teaches Breton over there.

There is a long break for lunch, really the French way (2,5 hours!). Because yesterday as first day was a special day and so we lunched in a very good restaurant. Today we started at 9 and we finished at about 5.30. The group is very motivated and the there’s a good and cooperative atmosphere. Tomorrow I’ll add some pictures.