iFLT14 Denver about to start – Tuesday the 15th of July

Mariott Residence Inn Downtown DenverTomorrow – but for Europe it’s already today – iFLT14 will start. It will be hosted by the North Highschool in Denver.

I already arrived last Friday to acclimatize and for the weekend Carol Gaab brought me into contact with Imogene – a French/Spanish teacher with Polish roots – and she and her husband were so kind to host me. They live in a nice neighbourhood in Westminster, north of Denver. Saturday they picked me up at the hotel near the airport and that day happened to be Imogene’s 50th birthday! When they were watching the match between the Netherlands and Argentina in a pub, I borrowed Imogene’s bycicle and headed for Wholefoods – with a lot of detours and this in a hilly environment and with no gears and only a back-pedal brake – to buy the ingredients for a birthday cake and when I finally got back I made a tarte tatin for Imogene’s birthday.

IMG_2498Imogene was asked to help as a volunteer and so we went this morning to the North Highschool, but first we dropped off my things at the Mariott residence inn, which is really a nice place to stay with little houses of two floors. The studio I’m sharing with Siqin and Katya even has a real hearth! (But we put the sofa-bed in front of it; it’s not cold. Every day we get lots of sunshine but also rain, mainly at the end of the day or in the evening. Now it’s pooring!).

After dropping off my things we walked to the North Highschool and happened to arrive at the wrong entrance of the school but luckily we saw Jason Fritze preparing his classroom and he opened the door for us. North Highschool is situated in a beautiful old building and inside it’s very luxury! It’s the most luxurous school I’ve ever seen. It looks like a university, with it’s enormous library and big auditorium. We helped carrying lots and lots of luxury very heavy almost kind of rocking chairs and helped putting the name tags in order and the books for the exhibitors. Carol Gaab as co-organizer was running dynamically around, Ben Slavic arrived, Mira Canion brought some of her novels, Kristy Placido arrived as did Carrie Toth, who made beautiful signs for the registration area. Briefly: iFLT14 is about to begin!

Tarte tatinRecipe Tarte Tatin
4 cups of wholewheat flour
4 oz cassonade
2 cups of butter
2 eggs
4 big spoons ice cold water
lemon zest of an untreated lemon
4 to 5 apples
handful of raisins