How badly did I screw up teaching languages? (1)

Picture_Chris_Stolz_TwitterChris Stolz beschrijft hier zijn reflecties op de manieren waarop hij zijn taallessen heeft gegeven en hoe hij in de loop van de tijd zijn lesgeven aan is gaan passen via Comprehensible Input/TPRS.

t.p.r.s. q&a

I have been reflectingonmy teaching and I thought I would share my many screw-ups, and offer some better alternatives (which might be useful for teachers who use textbook programs). So here we go– today’s question–

Q: How– and how badly– did I screw up teaching languages?

A: Pretty badly– and here is how

First, I used grammar worksheetsto teach grammar.The programs I used– first¡Díme! and thenJuntos— had a lot of these. Fill in the blanks with the correct verbform, pronoun, or word, etc. The research about this is clear: a grammar itemis acquired when the learner has heard loads of comprehensible input containing the item/rule in question, AND when their brain is “ready” to pick it up. If a learner hasn’t acquired it, they aren’t ready for it. If they have, there’s little point in practicing. Truscott writes that“no meaningful support has been…

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