Money, money, money… Geld in de taalles…

iFLT14, Denver: workshop Leslie Davison “20% projects for the WL classroom”

Several years ago, at iFLT14 in Denver, I was very much impressed by Leslie Davison who gave an interesting workshop “20% projects for the WL classroom”. The title happened to be inspired by the Google project to use 20% of the time for projects. “Google described its startup ideal of “20 percent time,” where any employee could take a day’s worth of time out of the normal work week and come up with a cool project to work on”.

Leslie showed us a.o. how you can use microfinance, “microcrédit” as a means of in- and output in the WL classroom. Every year I want to use this idea with my upper level students, but somehow I never do it… So this year I’m planning on using it, by writing about it here, in order that I really have to do it!

In her workshop Leslie had us go to the site of Kiva = “loans that change lives” – empower people around the world with a $25 loan: dreams are universal, opportunity is not. Lend as little as $25 to create opportunity for people around the world.

Somehow I remember reading the descriptions in Spanish, but it all seems English now… The site of Babyloan is in English and in French. I’m going to use it with my French students.

In Leslie’s workshop, we – in groups of two or some more (?) – had to find someone or a project we wanted to loan $25 to. We had 6 (or 10?) minutes to make a presentation in Spanish, put it on Google presentations and then convince the rest of the group – in Spanish – in one minute (!) why the 25 dollar should go to “our” project.

Kiva: a loan for cows – iFLT14, Denver: workshop Leslie Davison

There were about 5 presentations. After the presentations we had to vote for the one we wanted to give the money to and then Leslie really made the loan of the 25 dollar with the money on her Kiva-account to the winning group. What a wonderful idea!!

When the money is paid back, it’s lent to another project. Leslie told us that with her students at school, some groups got to be so exited about “their project” – which hadn’t been elected – that they put money together and lent 25 dollar to their project and followed it! How cool!

Stepping stones to stories – Ben Slavic’s #PLC

The first part is in English – the second part in Dutch (like the days before)

The coming weeks I’ll be writing about Ben Slavic’s newest book: Stepping stones to stories! Ben’s system of Starting the Year with Comprehensible Input – the book is available at his site: follow the link. Ben shows in his new book how to start out the new schoolyear using comprehensible input.

Ben Slavic's war room at NTPRS14. Picture by Brian Peck

Ben Slavic’s war room at NTPRS14. Picture by Brian Peck

What I did not yet mention is that Ben has a Professional Learning Community (PLC) of which you can become a (paying) member. In his book he also mentions links to his PLC website for his members.

BTW, I’m not a member of this community, nor does Ben ask me to write about his book: I want to read it and write about it to see if it’s interesting to add to my CI teaching skills. So I try not to comment on it too much; you as a reader have to try it out in your own CI lessons and decide if it’s helpful for your lessons or not.

During iFLT14 and NTPRS14 Ben had a “War room” for his PLC and the group always met in the evening and they practiced CI teaching with coaching until late at night. The term War room looks a bit strange to me; the translation tells that it’s a place where strategic decisions are made, especially for military and political campaigns.

Here you can read what Ben wrote about the War room experiences of iFLT14 and NTPRS14 and the comments from a lot of the War room participants.

The picture above of Ben in his War Room at NTPRS14 is made by Brian Peck; he tweeted it with @bcpeck23. I saw Brian perform in Von’s & Blaine’s workshop. He was amazing! On Ben’s blog I read he only started TPRS in October! On the picture to the right are Pilar Reyes and César Gonzalez, English teachers from South-West Spain, who have their own language institute. I met them when we were getting out of the train when I arrived in Chicago Sunday evening. I was just wondering how to get to the hotel and then suddenly I heard someone say my name and it was Pilar! We also met last year in Dallas. Together we travelled to the hotel with the shuttle to the hotel in front of ours. The second person on the left is Jason Bond (no, not James 😉 . He’s American but he teaches Gaelic in Scotland, on the Isle of  Islay! Here you can see where Ben’s PLC members are situated.

And tomorrow I’ll write about Stepping stone #1 Word Associations.


De komende weken schrijf ik hier over Ben Slavic’s nieuwste boek: Stepping stones to stories! Ben’s system of Starting the Year with Comprehensible Input – het boek is verkrijgbaar via zijn site: volg de link. Ben laat in dit boek zien hoe je het schooljaar kunt beginnen door te werken met begrijpelijke input.

Wat ik nog niet genoemd heb, is het feit dat Ben een Professionele Leer Gemeenschap (PLC) heeft waarvan je (betalend) lid kunt worden. In zijn boek geeft Ben ook links naar zijn PLC website voor zijn leden.

Overigens ben ik geen lid van Ben’s PLC en ook betaalt Ben mij niet om over zijn boek te schrijven: ik wil het lezen en erover schrijven om te zien of ik er dingen uit kan halen voor mijn eigen Begrijpelijke input vaardigheden. Dus ik probeer om niet teveel commentaar erop te geven, want ik vind dat je als lezer het zelf in je eigen lessen uit moet proberen en beslissen of het nuttig is voor jouw lessen.

Tijdens iFLT14 en NTPRS14 had ben een “Oorlogskamer”; ik vind het een beetje vreemde term, omdat het een ruimte is waar strategische beslissingen worden genomen, m.n. voor politieke en militaire campagnes.

Hier kun je lezen wat Ben geschreven heeft over zijn ervaringen in de War room tijdens  iFLT14 en NTPRS14 en het commentaar van zijn deelnemers.

Bovenstaande foto is gemaakt door Briuan Peck ; hij heeft de foto getweet via @bcpeck23. I zag hem een les doen tijdens de workshop van Von en Blaine en hij was geweldig. Op Ben’s blog las ik dat hij pas in oktober is begonnen met TPRS. Een natuurtalent! Op de foto aan de rechterkant zitten Pilar Reyes en César Gonzalez, Engelse docenten uit Zuid-West Spanje die hun eigen taalinstituut hebben. Ik ontmoette hen toen ik zondagavond voordat NTPRS14 begon uit de trein stapte in Chicago. Ik sotnd mee net af te vragen hoe ik naar het hotel zou komen toen ik opeens iemand mijn naam hoorde zeggen en dat was Pilar! We waren elkaar vorig jaar ook in Dallas tegengekomen. We zijn samen met de shuttle gereisd naar het hotel dat tegenover dat van ons lag. De tweede persoon aan de linkerkant is Jason Bond – niet niet James 😉 Hij is een Amerikaan uit Maine, maar hij doceert Gaelic in Schotland op het Isle of Islay! Hier kun je zien waar Ben’s PLC-leden zitten.

En morgen ga ik dan echt schrijven over Stapsteen 1, actitviteit 1, Woord associaties.