iFLT15 St Paul – The fourth day – Friday the 17th of July

Because I travelled Friday after the keynote speech of Dr Krashen to Washington DC to go already to the hotel of NTPRS15 in the Reston Sheraton and because I got there late at night, I didn’t have time to write about Friday the 17th of July, the last day of iFLT15. I’ll write later on, when I’ll have more time. Here already some pictures and the handouts of Friday: Friday Session Handouts

iFLT15 - Kristy Placido's reader's theatre

iFLT15 – Kristy Placido’s reader’s theatre

iFLT15 - Carrie Toth : Using film to enhance curriculum

iFLT15 – Carrie Toth : Using film to enhance curriculum

iFLT15 - Jason Fritze's elementary class singing Toc ca la piñata

iFLT15 – Jason Fritze’s elementary class singing Toc ca la piñata

iFLT15 - Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 – Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 - Grant Boulanger Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 – Grant Boulanger Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 Stephen Krashen's keynote speech

iFLT15 Stephen Krashen’s keynote speech

#iFLT15 St Paul – The second day – Wednesday the 15th of July #TPRS #CI

IMG_3470Today the second day of iFLT15 started and today the learning labs started. Yesterday the master teachers – who are teaching the students we were going to observe – already started with their lessons in order to get to know the students and to teach them the first vocabulary.

Here you can find the session hand-outs of Wednesday.

The experienced teachers first went to the learning labs and the beginners went to the other sessions and after the break it wa the other way around. I went to the French beginners lesson of Sabrina Janczak. It was amazing to see what the students already understood after one day! Sabrina makes a lot of contact with the students. After the 2 sessions of the learning labs were the debriefings. Sabrina and Diana Noonan did the debriefing together. During the debriefingIMG_3490 Sabrina told a few things that are important to her: she wants the students to be able to tell how they’re feeling: on the board were written a few possibilities. And so with this group she started off asking how they felt today. Personalization & showing that you really care for the students is most important to Sabrina. Key: explain the process, tell the students why you do what you do and remind them of what you’re doing.

Concerning the taught structures: yesterday Sabrina used the structures: is/has/gives to him-her and today she used the structures: works/yells/lazy/ get out of here.

IMG_3476After the break I went to the workshop about Movie Talk by Kristy Placido. She does Movie Talk every once in a while and the students like it very much, as they also indicate at their evaluations at the end of the year. Kristy started with a demo of… EL MONSTRUO DEL ARMARIO (Pablo Conde – 2009). Concept: play a movie and talk about it. Every Friday her students watch a telenovela, with Movie Talk.

After lunch I went to Martina Bex’s workshop: Bringing culture back, IMG_3491developing units that teach language through culture. It was a well structured, highly interesting workshop, also hands-on: the participants could immediately use what Martina taught. She talked about the need for comprehensible cultural units. Obejctive: use target structures to explain a cultural topic. Method: CI. See her clear hand-out with a practical scheme of how to develop the cultural units at page 15-17 of the the session hand-outs of Wednesday.

IMG_3496The last session I went to was again by Kristy Placido: Rock the CI (page 22 hand-out Wednesday). She started with a few quotes about music, like the one one the left by Ludwig von Beethoven. Kristy told she learned last year from keynote speaker of iFLT14 Dave Burgess (“Teach like a pirate”) how important it is to have some ‘hooks’. And music can be a strong hook. Because of that, a lot of her students start downloading the Spanish music they hear in class on their own devices and the songs become something of their own repertoire.

iFLT15 about to start in St Paul, MN

IMG_3399Tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th of July – but for Europe it’s already today – iFLT15 will start. It will be hosted by Tartan High School in St Paul, Minnesota.

I already arrived Friday in order to acclimatize. I’m staying with a very nice French-American family in St Paul, more than an hour by bike from the school. (By bike: I bought a Bike Friday folding bike with 24 gears with a suitcase and a small trailer – I really miss cycling when I don’t have a bike!)

Registration will start at 8 o’clock and the conference will start with a plenary session from 8.30 till 11.30: Discovering the Power of TCI.