NTPRS14 Chicago – The fourth day – Thursday the 24th of July

Karen LichtmanThursday the 24ht of July, the fourth day. The beginning workshop with Katya Paukova and Donna Tatum-Johns continued until 12 o’clock. The workshops carrousel for the advanced was over and now we could choose for a lot of other sessions: always difficult!

From 8.30 – 10.00 there were 5 sessions and I wanted to attend three…
How not to commit readicide – Bryce Hedstrom
Milking the story with tech tools – Leslie Davison
Research on TPR Storytelling – Karen Lichtman

I decided to go to Karen’s Research on TPRS. What a wonderful presentation! Karen knows how to present stuff that might be boring in a dynamic and interactive way, using all kind of didactic trics, to make us think and react and also remember. She also mentioned a recent TPRS study from the Netherlands by De Vlaming, which Karen translated with Google. Tip: give also a summary of the research and it’s conclusions in English!

Janice Holter KittokThere was a preview of a new research by Janice Holrt Kittok and Barbara Ann Cartford and Karen Lichtman : measuring fluency development in content-based Storytelling elementary Spanish instruction.

Then sessions from 10.15 – 11.45. Now I wanted to go to two of the 5 sessions (I had already heard about La persona especial by Bryce Hedstrom in Denver)
– Deeper reading, Mira Canion
The art of engaging beginners, Grant Boulanger Grant Boulanger

Because Mira’s was also more about the common core, which is not something we use in Europe, so this made my choice easier. So I went to Grant’s. The room was packed! I already met Grant a few days earlier and I told him I liked the ideas of “Teach like a pirate” Dave Burgess. Grant told me – and this was also an item in his presentation, that he always tries to keep things as simple as possible, e.g. only using one prop like a set of glasses. For me it’s more, how can I stick to the ideas of Dave Burgess, who very much works from the idea of Multiple Intelligences, like I do in my lessons and yet still keep it simple?!


In the afternoon I think I skipped the session of 1.45 – 3.15 and had a long talk with Jim Tripp outside in the sun. We Jim Wooldridge (Señor Wooly)talked about his book Tripp’s scripts (which has scripts & structures in English). We laready talked about this last time we met, about having the scripts also available in other languages, like Spanish. French, German etc. and how this could be realized.

The last session from 3.30-5.15 I went to Finding the story: How Sr. Wooly learned to create engaging stories with the simplest Spanish by Jim Wooldridge. It was a personal story about how he used to teach and how this changed and how he started using songs and clips with the songs. Karen Rowan and Jason Fritze

Afterwards I shortly looked at the showcase of Karen Rowan and Jason Fritze and in the coaching room, but I was too tired! IMG_2889 NTPRS14 coaches singing about ChicagoI ate my Wholefoods dinner outside the hotel with my French colleague from Turkey and then I went to the open Mic night until the batteries of my camera were empty (as were mine).


Keep calm we know science

NTPRS14 Chicago – The second day – Tuesday the 22nd of July

Betsy PaskvanToday I went to the advanced workshop by Betsy Paskvan: TPRS Strategies. She learned us Japanes and this way she showed us all kind of strategies she uses. Bess Hales wrote about it at her blog “Mme Hayles and the TPRS Experiment” and it’s a very good description of the workshop and I do not have much to adjust to it, so do read it here. What I have to adjust is that Betsy uses 8 embedded readings and this way she builds the text gradually up. Betsy sacrifices language time for the social-emotional learning – in order that the students get to know each other & bond.

The first thing Betsy does in the morning is play a song and show a slideshow with explanation with pictures. With us she used a very well known song and gave cultural information about it.

Betsy’s workshop was very practical and inspiring! Here you can find her PowerPoint: TPRS Strategies at Work and Play : Sequencing TPRS Activities for Optimal Learning

Jason FritzeIn the afternoon I went to Jason Fritze’s workshop session: Tools for thriving. Because Bryce had written on the white board with an unerasable marker, Jason learned one of the first person’s entering how to erase it with an erasable marker by writing over the unerasable text and then it was possible to erase. And this person had to learn to a new person entering who did not know this trick how to do it and so forth, like an erasing chain.

Jason’s workshop had a few of the same points of his workshop at iFLT, but also a lot of new information. He had us form groups of three or four and made us do all kind of group works every once and a while and before doing this he had us point at all the participants of the group. When I met the two ladies of my group the next day I felt that we really were somehow closer because of this pointing and working together.

At the end of the afternoon was the exhibitor’s reception. Everybody could have a look at the books and dvd’s and buy them and there was a buffet and drinks. There Judy Dubois introduced me to Alparslan, the french teacher of the Turkish delegation. We contacted each other a while ago on Linkedin, but we did not know of each other we were going to iFLT and NTPRS! We talked for hours and that’s one of the nice thing of these conferences: meeting your colleagues and talking with them.

Monday evening I got lost when trying to find Wholefoods and Tuesday I went there during the lunch break with a  group of colleagues in the shuttle of the Sheraton hotel.  I bought a warm lunch at Wholecheckbook as Jason called it and a big salad for later on and the most expensive tarte au citron (or in fact: lime tart) I’ve ever bought… I could not resist…

Lime tart Wholefoods