Comprehension-based Instruction: the Foundation, the Method, the Evidence #ACTFL15

ACFTL15_Krashen_GaabComprehension-based Instruction:
the Foundation, the Method, the Evidence.

A video in three parts of Dr. Stephen Krashen’s and Carol Gaab’s session at the ACTFL Conference in San Diego, CA, Nov. 20-22, 2015.


iFLT15 St Paul – The fourth day – Friday the 17th of July

Because I travelled Friday after the keynote speech of Dr Krashen to Washington DC to go already to the hotel of NTPRS15 in the Reston Sheraton and because I got there late at night, I didn’t have time to write about Friday the 17th of July, the last day of iFLT15. I’ll write later on, when I’ll have more time. Here already some pictures and the handouts of Friday: Friday Session Handouts

iFLT15 - Kristy Placido's reader's theatre

iFLT15 – Kristy Placido’s reader’s theatre

iFLT15 - Carrie Toth : Using film to enhance curriculum

iFLT15 – Carrie Toth : Using film to enhance curriculum

iFLT15 - Jason Fritze's elementary class singing Toc ca la piñata

iFLT15 – Jason Fritze’s elementary class singing Toc ca la piñata

iFLT15 - Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 – Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 - Grant Boulanger Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 – Grant Boulanger Plenary Closing session

iFLT15 Stephen Krashen's keynote speech

iFLT15 Stephen Krashen’s keynote speech

TPRS – De nieuwe uitgebreide 7e druk van Fluency through TPR Storytelling is uit!

TPRS_Fluency_Cover_7th_editionDe zevende uitgebreide druk – april 2015 – van het Engelstalige boek van Blaine Ray en Contee Seely is uit! Dit is hét basisdidactiekboek voor TPRS, samen met `TPRS in a year` en `PQA in a wink` van Ben Slavic. In deze zevende uitgebreide druk van ‘Fluency through TPR Storytelling, achieving real language acquisition in school‘ worden de meest recente ontwikkelingen van TPRS vermeld.

Via TPRS/CI kunnen de leerlingen al vanaf dag 1 alles begrijpen wat ze horen en lezen in hun nieuwe taal en ze beantwoorden talloze vragen over verhalen, over zichzelf en over elkaar. In de eerste weken verwerven de leerlingen een basiswoordenschat en de meest essentiële grammaticale structuren. Binnen twee à drie maanden zijn de leerlingen in staat om zichzelf vloeiend uit te drukken, passend bij hun niveau. Docenten zijn dol op wat hun leerlingen allemaal al kunnen doen en de leerlingen zelf zijn er ook weg van. Deze zevende editie bevat talrijke vernieuwingen zoals:

  • fluencyThruTPRScontentsAangepaste TPRS materialen en hulpmiddelen
  • Herzien en uitgebreid onderzoek m.b.t. TPR Storytelling
  • Multi-Level klassen en sociale verscheidenheid
  • Overstappen met de sectie naar CI/TPRS
  • Samenwerkend klassenmanagement
  • TPRS en CI op de basisschool
  • Overtuigen van schoolleiding en ouders
  • MovieTalk
  • Embedded Readings gebruiken, gebaseerd op TPRS verhalen
  • Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) & Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)
  • Doceren om verschillende schrijfsystemen te lezen
  • Jezelf als een Parallel Personage inzetten
  • De “Events” Techniek
  • Niet beginnen met TPR
  • Diepe Personalisatie

Taalverwervingsexpert Stephen Krashen zegt, “TPR Storytelling is veel beter dan al het andere elders”

Er is een Nederlandstalige versie van de vijfde druk.


NTPRS13 – Wednesday the 24th of July – day 3

IMG_1200Talked this evening too long with Contee and afterwards with my roommate Michelle. Michelle  showed me all kinds of very interesting websites to use, like Sylvia Duckworth’s Youtube channel for French teachers, Frenchified and Symbaloo, for organizing your preferred internet sites.

If you click the links underneath you’ll open the hand-out that goes with the mentioned workshop.

Went today to the workshop of Lynnette and Carmen about the Upper Level strategies.

If I compare they way my lessons are structured and the way Scott and Lynnette & Carmen do it, I have to say that what they do all fits in my “Multiple Intelligences scheme”. When Susan Gross saw it last year, she said “she does not like boxes”, but to me they are a help to have everything I do at a glance which helps me in fact to think OUT OF the box & the circle ;-). I’ll post this scheme later on. I noticed Gary also likes boxes and I like his boxes 😉 See his Advanced structures hand-out.

During lunchtime Stephen Krashen did his keynote talk and it’s always interesting and funny what he has to say.




Row, row, row your boat

Went to the afternoon part of Michele’s and Laurie’s literacy c.q. embedded readingsworkshop I enjoyed how they had us sing ‘Row. row your boat’ in groups and the group you see right above this words made a gorgeous boat as a form of great group work! Also the part where we learned Russian from Michele with the mice-actors. It’s the story of Susan Gross of the Back to school night ; see “Thursday night”

I was two years ago in Michele’s and Laurie’s embedded reading workshop, and it was good, but in these two years it has even improved to much a higher level! That’s the incredible thing about TPRS; it’s good, but it keeps getting better; also the conferences!


Mamamouse (left) and children mice (right)

The last sesion of this afternoon for me was Scott’s Culture pop-ups workshop. He had beautiful photo’s in his PowerPoint. Culture always play a very important role in my lessons, because a language can not exist without the cultural background. With my adult students every week we taste some French specialty (or a specialty from a French speaking country), and it can be something we drink, a vegetable, a sweet, cookies, herbs, herbal tea, spices,a special dish etc. etc. I always have a PowerPpout nthat goes woth it with authentic language and that can vary from the opening hours from a musee to the percentages concerning the use of a certain beverage to a poem to a song etc. etc.


Culture pop-up, Scott Benedict


NTPRS13 – Monday 22nd of July – the first day

IMG_0931NTPRS 2013 started this morning! There were some technical problems and so we started a bit later. It was great to be there together again and to listen to Blaine and to Lisa’s enthousiastic openingwords. Lisa o.a. introduced the workshop presenters and the coaches. At the end they showed us the countries where all the participants come from and Lisa said it should in fact become an ITPRS in future. From Europe there were participants from Germany, the Netherlands and from Spain.

IMG_1001The first workshop I went to was the workshop of Carol Gaab and Kristy Placido : “Thinking on your feet”. They are a good team and always have higly interesting and inspiring workshops which are very well structured and have a good pacing and they are ‘compelling’ and they teach what they preach: “the brain craves novelty” and that’s what they take care of, not only in their lessons but also in their workshops. Carol calls the pacing something like “ebb and flow”, but I always call it “breathing in and out”. A lesson need variation between acitivity and rest.

This year the beginners learn how to TPRS and in the meantime they learn Russian from Katya Paukova and Donna Tatum. The advanced workshops are this year on three mornings instead of the four of last year, which I think is a pity, because now I have to choose between two workshops which I’d like to do both, but if it had been four days, I could have done both… New is also that the workshops take all morning and a part of the afternoon, which gave us more time to practice also ourselves. I liked it very much we had to discuss in Carol’s and Kristy’s wokshop in small groups which structures we would use for movie talk with a very funny film about a lady how is flirting with guys in a lunchcorner and how we would make a lesson out of it. This kind of thing we should do more often!

IMG_0971TPRS thrives on problems and today we started with a technical problem and during the lunch we had a problem of another order: our keynote speaker Dr Stephen Krashen had forgotten he had to take the airplane to go to Dallas… But now technics came to our help and we could follow his speech in the big room where we were having lunch, because he was sitting behind a webcam and we could see his face bigger than life on three big screens. Nevertheless, technics was not infallible. The sound was not too good, so unfortunately it was difficult to understand his speech very well…

IMG_1016After the teabreak I went to Contee’s workshop about TPR and he talked about some theoretical concepts and also did TPR with us and had Charlotte Dincher do TPR in German. We flew to the park and to Best Buy. Contee also showed the three ring circus of Berty Segal. She did a workshop about it at iFLT and you can find the hand-out at the TPRS Publishing website in the free download section – see the 3. Wed-Fri workshops – page 21 up to and including page 30.

After the sessions we could go to the coaching sessions, but Charlotte and I helped Contee to set up his table in the exhibitors room, so tomorrow I’ll go to the coaching room! There is also at least one self-coaching group that’s even coaching themselves in the evening! How about being enthousiastic!


#TPRS – Waarom corrigeren niet zinvol is

Vorig jaar alweer schreef Bryce Hedstrom een artikel over de futiliteit van het corrigeren van fouten. Bryce zegt daar o.a. : “het corrigeren van fouten is niet alleen niet-effectief lesgeven. Het verstoort de communicatie, het brengt leerlingen in verlegenheid en het kan de relatie tussen de docent en de leerlingen verstoren. Bovendien: de leerlingen letten er niet eens op.  Ze verwerven taal wanneer ze betrokken zijn in gesprekken die zich concentreren op de betekenis in plaats van zich te concentreren op de vorm.”

Artikel in IJFLT van  Krashen op pagina 5 over het corrigeren van fouten:  A Note on Error Correction: The Effect of Removing One Outlier in Ryoo (2007)

Op een pagina over Dr. John Truscott, gespecialiseerd in tweede taalverwerving en doceren, cognitieve psychologie en syntax  staan diverse links naar en namen van artikelen over onderzoek waaruit blijkt dat het geen zin heeft om fouten te corrigeren tijdens het verwerven van een tweede taal.

Afbeelding afkomstig  van :


#NTPRS 2013 – 22/7 t/m 26/7 2013

Het is alweer mogelijk om je in te schrijven voor NTPRS 2013! Dit jaar in Dallas, van maandag 22 juli t/m vrijdag 26 juli. Op zondag 21 juli is er een pre-conference coaching dag (om te leren hoe je TPRS docenten kunt coachen).

Hier vind je meer informatie en kun je je online inschrijven.

Via het Europees Platform bestaat er een mogelijkheid om een tegemoetkoming in de kosten te krijgen.